Our Story

Hey there! I’m Laura, the curator of H3 BARN market + events.  This little market has been a lifelong ambition of mine, and this is our story. H3 BARN was born from the shared dream of a city girl and a surfer, who longed to build a new life in the country.  However, uprooting a life and family from the city took some encouragement.  It came in the form of an essay written by our seven year old son.  The words started off like this, ‘If I had a million dollars, I’d buy my mom a ranch…”.  His essay included a water colored image of green hills, blue skies, and our first horse Smokey.  His essay and artwork became the motivation to depart our crowded coastal town in search of a plot of land in the California foothills.  In time, it all fell together.  We named our little piece of heaven, H-3 ranch, in honor of our three boys who would grow and thrive in this new adventure.  Chores and projects were plentiful, but meaningful life lessons were worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears.  I’ve always had a passion to create.  It was here, in the clean air, and open country, that I found a new canvas for my pursuits.  This little place has enabled me to live a life of design, in our home and garden, and through the space to build beautiful and unique gatherings and events.  H3 BARN is my way of building community around these passions.  A visit to our little shop is definitely not your typical shopping experience.  You will find yourself breathing in the tranquility we sought as a family so many years ago.  Horses graze in the pastures, kids play on the lawns.  Our greeting committee consists of a lovable Bernese mountain dog, and a pack of goats!  While the barn shop is open year round, its our Makers events that bring H3 BARN to its full potential.  Our community and local artisans come together to share their hand crafted goods and create meaningful relationships.  Cheerful and quaint, these market events feel like family.  Unique seasonal workshops are an additional way friends come together to engage in creative experiences here at the barn.  Our goal has always been to share with our community the beautiful life we’ve been given, and to build lasting relationships.  Our hope is always this.  You may walk through the door as a stranger, but you’ll leave as a new friend.