Keepsake Spring Candle

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Scent brings memories to the surface, and everytime you burn one of these keepsake candles, you'll be transported back to a special place or time. Scents inspired by the garden, grandma, and vintage treasures.  Each candle is 100% soy wax, 8 OZ, hand-poured in a sturdy glass jar + comes wrapped in a high-end packaging, complete with a scent sticker, and special memory sticker on the back where you can fill in a special memory associated with the scent.

Mossy Garden - Fresh cut grass to sweet herb undertones

Old Soul - Rose, cedar + Pear

Polished Silver - Notes of fresh cotton

English Rose - Notes of fresh herbs, stately blooms and undertones of rosemary

Blush Ditsy Bloom - Fresh floral blossoms and notes of currant

Sage Floral Garden - A sweet lemongrass with touches of herbs